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Poster: c-freedom Date: Dec 28, 2013 7:44am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Set Two-Here River

Set 2: opens with Here Comes Sunshine and it is really hot!
I would like to have seen this coupled with the WEATHER REPORT SUITE once in a while because it would have made for a great combination.
(I caught the breakout in the 90's in Arizona and that was one of the best things they did with Vince)
The harmonies here are great between the band.
Donna could do great backing vocals. Her work with JGB especially with Maria Muldar tends to be her best.
I know she is still out on the road and plays with Jeff Mattson from time to time.
Always felt she did better with the mellower tunes.
The EL PASO is right on- (Hope you have heard the original by Marty Robbins)
Always found it funny that some of the block heads who used to troll this archive site and board were so closed to cover tunes yet the Dead were a band that got it's start playing covers
YOU Ain't Woman Enough-Loretta Lynn cover. Hey, this is pure honky-tonk. It would have been fun if Donna could have done 'THE PILL 'or 'Don't come home drinking' heck anything by Loretta Lynn is enjoyable
T.L.E.O- a strong version. This song slowed down so much in later years. Here it is a rocker!
Big River-rockin and high octane
Dark Star- Nice build-up-- Vocals don't even come in until 13 minutes into song. Phil is on. (Nice Bass Solo)
Wife says have to go now!

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Poster: c-freedom Date: Dec 28, 2013 9:47am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Set Two-Eyes--Sugar Magnolia-OMSN

Set Two continued: This is probably one of my favorite Eyes of the World. This song always reminds me of summertime yet it's Feb. in Wisconsin. No matter this is such a sweet EYES.
The tempo is perfect and Jerry sounds so good on his vocals.
The backing vocals are so mellow I can hear Bobby and Donna and probably Phil, not sure how much Keith sang? (I enjoyed Let Me Sing Your Blues Away)
"Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own"
Keith keeps this bouncing along with his Piano (It was nice when Hornsby would play Piano but not so much the accordion)
The closest I ever got to this Dark Star>EYES intensity was the two shows I saw with Branford Marsalis (Nassau, MSG)
Around 12 minutes in on Eyes they hit what I consider the roots of the slipknot jam. Phil just blows me away with the way he pounds his bass. And of course Garcia is just off exploring. Bob is laying down rhythm mostly following Jerry but also with Keith. I guess Donna must have gotten a prolonged break I think she comes back out for China Doll.
This style of jam had to influence the making of Blues For Allah.
And finally back to earth for the China Doll. I know people like to go back and forth on the best era for the Band.
And I really believe this is it for just amazingly complete shows that are well put together with incredible sound. They are so mellow yet they jam like crazy. Phil is still singing. All the vocals are excellent. The jams are incredible. This is the stuff I want to play for folks who ask me why do I listen to the Grateful Dead?
Promised Land- Another cover tune that the Dead just rock.
Keith's piano really is in the mix here.
I saw a show in North Carolina where they were closing a first set with Promised- well the power went down half-way in-- no problem 5 minutes later when the power came back on they picked up right where they were when the power went down.
Next up Sugaree. Promised > Sugaree was a staple in the 80's.
Here they appear very late in the 2nd set although with a break between the songs.
After the Dark Star>Eyes>China Doll This show feels like it has 5 encores.
The crowd really wants 'Truckin' but then somebody calls the 'Sugar Magnolia' So they all start yelling for that.
Sugar Mag is good but he Sunshine Daydream is way to much of Bobby and Donna scream fest.
Uncle Johns- Yeah that's it and I can even hear Phil singing harmony.
I don't understand how most of American Beauty and Workingman's Dead did not get top 40 airplay?
Sat Night- this song always better when not in encore slot but a quick dance before going into the Wisconsin night.
House music is Dylan, "Everybody must get"

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Poster: merryjerry1 Date: Dec 31, 2013 1:00pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Set Two-Eyes--Sugar Magnolia-OMSN

The 'Eyes': Both of Jerry's intraverse solos are quite good, especially the second. Flawless? No. But on that second one he really conjures those 'clouds of hope' that Kerouac wrote about. And this version features the first fully fleshed out outro portion typical of '73-75 (more or less), though like a young baby taking its first steps it can barely support it's own weight.

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